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Beyond 2.0

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The music industry, as with most other media forms, is in the middle of a period of enormous transformation. Digital technologies have empowered producers and consumers of music – traditional ways of making and distributing music are under threat as musicians and their audiences embrace new opportunities, many of which bypass the incumbent middlemen. Whilst it is clear that the music industry is thriving, the traditional recording industry, dominated by a handful of multinational corporations is struggling to stay relevant.

The changes are so dramatic that the term “Music 2.0” has become commonly used to delineate old and new business models and approaches. But the demise of the traditional music industry is overstating things – the reality is that (whilst their profits may be diminishing) they still dominate a multi-billion dollar marketplace and exercise unprecedented control over the star-making process. And, of course, they have the resources to be able to reinvent themselves.

The actual future of music is a complex and contested one. This book aims to unpack that complexity, map the changes and explain the causes and motivations surrounding an industry undergoing change. It explores the world of popular music from three distinct perspectives. Firstly, it examines the new opportunities available to consumers of music – interrogating how the lines between production and consumption are blurring, creating fans who do much more than just listen to music. Secondly, it draws on interviews with a diverse range of musicians explaining their place in the brave new world and trying to articulate their newly defined roles. Finally, it examines the industry itself, and unpack the responses to current challenges from new and old players alike.

Published: Oct 20, 2014


Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Steve Collins, Sherman Young
The Technology of Music Steve Collins, Sherman Young
Rise of the Machine Steve Collins, Sherman Young
Digital Music Steve Collins, Sherman Young
The New Intermediaries Steve Collins, Sherman Young
Star Wars Steve Collins, Sherman Young
What about Me? Steve Collins, Sherman Young
Shaking the Foundations Steve Collins, Sherman Young
It’s the Music, Stupid Steve Collins, Sherman Young
End Matter
Appendix Steve Collins
Bibliography Steve Collins
Discography Steve Collins
Filmography Steve Collins
Index Steve Collins

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