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Strategic Acts in the Study of Identity

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This multi-authored work tackles the problem of how to examine the historicity of identity. Through four discrete case studies, seven scholars of religion expose the disconnects in the academic discourse on diaspora, identity, and creolization, and suggests ways of achieving greater theoretical clarity in the study of identity-or better, identity claims-as it takes shape over time and space.

Published: Sep 1, 2019


Section Chapter Authors
Preface Vaia Touna
On the Strategies of Identity Formation Craig Martin
Site I: Acts of Classification
1. Nostalgia and the Discourse Concerning Nones Steven Ramey
2. Response to Steven Ramey: The Constitutive Discourse of Description Vaia Touna
3. Reply to Vaia Touna: Situated Descriptions Steven Ramey
Site II: Acts of Appropriation
4. Strategizing Subjectivity: Creolization and Intentionality in Studies of Caribbean Religions K. Merinda Simmons
5. Response to K. Merinda Simmons: When is it OK to Borrow Craig Martin
6. Reply to Craig Martin: “The Other Is Not”: Mediating Specialness and Specificity K. Merinda Simmons
Site III: Acts of Comparison
7. Writing Women out of Women’s Movements: The Discursive Boundaries of Feminism Leslie Dorrough Smith
8. Response to Leslie Dorrough-Smith: Transgressions Russell McCutcheon
9. Reply to Russell T. McCutcheon: Navigating the Politics of Comparison Leslie Dorrough Smith
10. Strategic Acts I and II Russell McCutcheon

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