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Buddhist Path, Buddhist Teachings

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This collection brings together scholarly contributions relating to the research of Lance Cousins (1942-2015), an influential and prolific scholar of early Buddhism. Cousins' interests spanned several related fields from the study of Abhidhamma and early Buddhist schools to Pāli literature and meditation traditions. As well as being a scholar, Cousins was a noted meditation teacher and founder of the Samantha Trust. The influence of Cousin's scholarship and teaching is felt strongly not only in the UK but in the worldwide Buddhist Studies community.

The volume is introduced by Peter Harvey and the following chapters all speak to the core questions in the field such as the nature of the path, the role of meditation, the formation of early Buddhist schools, scriptures and teachings and the characteristics and contributions of Pāli texts. The volume is of interest to students and scholars in Buddhist Studies, Religious Studies and Asian Studies as well as Buddhist practitioners.

Published: Sep 1, 2018

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
L.S. Cousins' Contribution to Buddhist Studies Peter Harvey
Meditation and the Buddhist Path
1. The Jhanas and Formless States: Their Qualities and Nature Peter Harvey
2. John of the Cross, the Dark Night of the Soul and the Jhanas: A Critical Comparative Study Elizabeth Harris
3. Understanding Paths to Liberation: An Assessment of Lance Cousins' Contributions Bradley Clough
4. I'm Not Getting Anywhere with my Meditation: Effort, Contentment and Goal-Directedness in the Process of Mind-Training Amaro Bhikkhu
Interpreting Buddhist Teachings
5. Birth and Death as a Peta: Was the Buddha being Satirical? Richard Gombrich
6. Early Buddhism and Non-Moral Goods Damien Keown
7. Alagaddupama Sutta as a Scriptural Source for Understanding the Distinctive Philosophical Standpoint of Early Buddhism P.D. Premasiri
8. An Ekottarika-agama Discourse without Parallels on the Perception of Impermanence Bhikkhu Analayo
9. The Interpretation of Dreams in Theravada Buddhist Thought Rupert Gethin
10. Samasisin: An Abhidhamma Innovation Tse-fu Kuan
11. The Sukhothai Abhidhamma Inscription: An Early Ritual Formula? Peter Skilling
12. The Relationship of the Saccasankhepatika to the Vinayavinicchayatika Petra Kieffer-Pulz
Schools and Scriptures
13. The Formation of Canons in the Early Indian Nikayas or Schools in the Light of the New Gandhari Manuscript Finds Mark Allon
14. Nagarjunakonda and the Circulation of the Theravadin Tipitaka in South India: The Vibhajjavadins Reconsidered Alex Wynne
15. Asvaghosa's Buddhist Poetry Somadeva Vasudeva
16. On the Perfections of the Bodhisatta in Early Buddhist Narrative Naomi Appleton
17. Pali Literature: Is it a Literature? Sarah Shaw