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Ageing in an Ageing Society

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This book emerges from a multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary conference entitled “Building Hospitable Communities for Aging: Challenge and Opportunities” held at Saint Paul University in September 2016. Academics, practitioners and researchers came together to discuss the impact of the current changing demographics on communities. While the exchanges were fruitful, we realized that we wanted to continue reflecting on ageing and to broaden the scope of the discussion. It is our belief that while the financial impact of ageing appears to be receiving increased attention, the more personal, familial and communal consequences of ageing must also be examined. This collection emerges from this wish to delve further into the topic of ageing as both personal and social phenomenon. The perspectives the papers engage with range from theoretical to applied. This is done on purpose in order to demonstrate how those perspectives can and must engage with each other. From the invisibility of ageing persons, to the manner in which discourses of ageing-well rely on normative assumptions, to the ways in which we engage with persons with dementia, to the responsibility of providing care locally and across borders, this collection endeavours to advance ageing as a positive challenge that can enrich us all.

Published: Jan 1, 2019