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Aging in an Aging Society

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This volume presents contributions from academics, practitioners and researchers who reflect on aging and argue that while the financial impact of aging appears to be receiving increased attention, the more personal, familial and communal consequences of aging must also be examined. This collection delves further into the topic of aging as both personal and social phenomenon.

The perspectives the papers engage with range from theoretical to applied. This demonstrates how those perspectives can and must engage with each other. From the invisibility of aging persons, to the manner in which discourses of aging-well rely on normative assumptions, to the ways in which we engage with persons with dementia, to the responsibility of providing care locally and across borders, this collection endeavours to advance aging as a positive challenge that can enrich us all.

Published: Oct 1, 2019

Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Iva Apostolova, Monique Lanoix
Part One: Hospitality and the Embodied Self
1. The Ethics of Hospitality: How to Welcome our Aging Sophie Cloutier
2. The Other within Us: Reframing, with Spinoza, the Self’s Relationship with Aging and Disability Iva Apostolova, Elaina Gauthier-Mamaril
Part Two: Aging and the Loss of Presence
3. Aging and the Loss of Social Presence Christine Overall
4. LGBT Elders, Isolation and Loneliness: An Existential Analysis Tim Johnston
5. The Ethics of Aging and Aesthetic Responsibility Elizabeth Lanphier-Barone
Part Three: Dependence and Independence in the Context of Care and Aging
6. Fostering Community Care: Supporting a Shared Experience of Aging in Co-Housing Magdalena Goemans
7. Dependence and Vulnerability in the 21st Century: The Swedish Case Hildur Kalman
8. Caring Across Borders: Lessons from Transnational Families Marta Rodríguez-Galán
Part Four: Critical Perspectives on Aging
9. The Missing Voices in Aging Well Frameworks: A Postcolonial Critique Lauren Brooks-Cleator, Audrey Giles