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An Introduction to the Building Block Approach to Religion

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This book introduces and summarises the Building Block Approach to Religious Studies that has been developed and proposed by professor Ann Taves (University of Santa Barbara) and associate professor Egil Asprem (Stockholm University). The book opens with a lengthy introduction by Taves and Asprem that describes the Building Block Approach, explains how and why they developed it, and what it can be used for in the study of religions. The introduction by Taves and Asprem is followed by seven responses, comments and critiques that identify pros and cons of the approach suggested by Taves and Asprem. The book ends with a response by Taves and Asprem.

The overall aim of the book is to provide a short and user-friendly introduction and critical discussion of the building block approach to religious studies that can be used by undergraduate, graduate and more advanced scholars in the field of religious studies. The aim is to provide a critical primer that addresses how and why scholars of religions should pay attention to the building block approach to religious studies.

Published: Oct 10, 2020

Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Göran Larsson, Andreas Nordin, Jonas Svensson
Chapter 1
The Building Block Approach: An Overview Ann Taves, Egil Asprem
Chapter 2
Between a Rock and a Hard Place, or Simply a Matter of What Task we Want to Solve? Assessing the Building Block Approach Göran Larsson
Chapter 3
Moral Foundations as Building Blocks of Religious Etics: An Explorative Study of Muslim Qur’an Translations into English Jonas Svensson
Chapter 4
Seeing Autistic Experience Otherwise: A Visual Approach Ingela Visuri
Chapter 5
Reverse Engineering in Religious Studies? Toward a Humanities-Based Computational Science of Worldviews Fount LeRon Shults
Chapter 6
Ancient Religions, the Fantastic, and the Emotions: Open Questions and Ideas in Conversation with the BBA Approach Laura Feldt
Chapter 7
Counterintuitive Supernaturalism as a Building-block of Religious Dream Imagery: A Measured Defence of Dreaming as a Primary Source of Religion (DPSR Approach) Andreas Nordin
Chapter 8
Response/Replay Ann Taves, Egil Asprem