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Book: Archaeology from the Ploughsoil

Chapter: 6. "One cannot dig at Random in a Peat Bog". The Eastern Vale of Pickering and the Archaeology of a Buried Landscape

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24775


The authors review the development of their strategy for investigating an early Postglacial buried landscape in the Vale of Pickering. They present the results of a sub-surface palaeoenvironmental survey of a site at Seamer Carr, undertaken in an attempt to locate sites comparable to that previously excavated at Star Carr. The paper explains the evolution of their strategy and stresses the scale of the practical problems involved in investigating such a large area of wet, buried landscape. It concludes that a regional approach based on palaeoenvironmental survey is essential.

Chapter Contributors

  • Edward Cloutman ( - ecloutman)
  • Tim Schadla-Hall ( - tschadlahall)