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Book: Advancing Nonviolence and Social Transformation

Chapter: Chapter 11. Sex, Gender and Non-Violent Resistance to Human Trafficking: An NGO’s Response

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.30307


Chapter explores the links between the social construction of sex and gender and the structural violence of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. I first provide an overview of feminist insights on sex and gender and indicate areas of consensus that can empower non-violent resistance to gender-based violence. In particular I refer to the feminist works of Martha Nussbaum and bell hooks. Drawing upon Johan Galtung’s pioneering work on structural violence, I then posit that Nussbaum and hooks are important interlocutors with Galtung in shaping a more robust concept of peace and non-violent resistance to gender-based violence. Finally, I explore research on human trafficking for sexual exploitation recently conducted by the NGO, PACT-Ottawa; I highlight the non-violent resistance to gender-based violence inspired by this research.

Chapter Contributors

  • Eileen Kerwin Jones ( - ekerwinjones) 'John Abbott College, Montreal'