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Book: Jews

Chapter: 12. Are not Muslims Better Off in Israel than in Islamic States?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35993


According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics, in 2013
the Arab population in Israel was approximately
1,658,000; this represents 20.7% of the population
of the country. The majority of these individuals
identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian
by nationality and Israeli by citizenship. Many
have family ties to Palestinians in the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip, as well as to Palestinian refugees
in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The rights
of these citizens are guaranteed by a set of basic
Israeli laws. Nonetheless, many Arab citizens
believe that the state, as well as society at large,
limits them to second-class citizenship and views
them as enemies.

Chapter Contributors

  • Peter Cave ( - pcave) 'The Open University and New York University (London)'
  • Dan Cohn-Sherbok ( - dcohn-sherbok) 'University of Wales (Emeritus Professor) and Rabbi'