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Book: Jews

Chapter: 17. 'Scratch an Anti-Zionist and You'll Find an Anti-Semite.' Really?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.35998


Several years ago, Dawoud El-Alami – my Muslim
co-author mentioned previously – and I spoke to
a Christian group about the Palestine-Israeli conflict.
My role was to present the Zionist case in
favour of the creation of a Jewish state. I tried my
best to present a reasoned argument, but a number
in the audience were adamant that Jews had
stolen the land from the indigenous Arab population
and were vociferous in their condemnation of
Israel. Later in the day a number of young actors
presented an extremely bitter play castigating
Israel. Dawoud and I were disturbed by the diatribes
we heard. We ourselves had attempted to
present a balanced approach to the subject. But
it was clear that the vast majority were adamant
critics of Israeli policy.

Chapter Contributors

  • Peter Cave ( - pcave) 'The Open University and New York University (London)'
  • Dan Cohn-Sherbok ( - dcohn-sherbok) 'University of Wales (Emeritus Professor) and Rabbi'