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Book: Jews

Chapter: 21. What has Israel Done for the World?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.36002


Throughout this book we have been debating the
ways in which the creation of a Jewish state has
been of benefit to the Jewish community. But has
Israel contributed to the world? One of the early
Zionists, Ahad Ha-Am, addressed this question.
Zionism, he believed, would not solve the problem
of antisemitism, but it could provide a basis for
Jewish living in the modern world. Israel is to be
a state infused with Jewish values, and not simply
a homeland for the Jewish people.

Chapter Contributors

  • Peter Cave ( - pcave) 'The Open University and New York University (London)'
  • Dan Cohn-Sherbok ( - dcohn-sherbok) 'University of Wales (Emeritus Professor) and Rabbi'