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Book: What to Remember, What to Teach

Chapter: Transmission of Memory and Co-construction of the Past by New Generations of Youths and History Teachers

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.37658


In chapter 6, I examine the transmission of memories and the co-construction of the past by new generations of youths and history teachers. This chapter focuses on the discursive analysis of students’ personal and social memories regarding their national recent traumatic past, as well as teachers’ personal and social memories and their impact in their teaching of this recent national history. This approximation to personal and social memories constructed in part in a pedagogical setting and related to the pedagogical space of the teaching of history is then put in dialogue with research areas of memory studies, social phycology and local historiography of recent past.

Chapter Contributors

  • Teresa Oteíza ( - toteiza) 'Pontifical Catholic University of Chile'