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Book: Seaways to Complexity

Chapter: Towards a Theory of Sociopolitical Complexity

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38008


In chapter 3 a presentation of the theoretical and research historical stance is offered. First, some theoretical considerations are discussed and highlighted. This is presented through a general discussion on political economy approaches, the implementation of social evolution in archaeology, and their context within a northern European research history. This serve as a foundation for the framing of the theoretical model developed in this chapter. Secondly, cross-cultural comparison from independent regions is presented to illustrate the organisational structure from comparatively similar regions and assist in the modelling of a sociopolitical framework in northwestern Scandinavia. Lastly, previous and current trends that have figured in Scandinavian Bronze Age research are highlighted in order to position this book in a broader discourse.

Chapter Contributors

  • Knut Ivar Austvoll ( - kaustvoll8754) 'University of Oslo'