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Book: Seaways to Complexity

Chapter: Regional Patterns

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38010


Chapter 5 presents and contextualises the material culture of the regions along the coast of northwestern Scandinavia. It serves as an initial analysis with the aim to understand basic regional dynamics, which functions as a backdrop for social, political, and economic organisation presented in Chapter 7 and 8. The regions are presented through a set of focal points split between the sections: settlement patterns, burial patterns, lithics and metal, and rock art. Each focal point is presented with different scales in mind. In the end, such a multiscalar approach help identify the level of local and regional organisation, still, equally important are evidence of diachronic developments of growth and decline, which point to highly unstable and cyclical processes along the coast.

Chapter Contributors

  • Knut Ivar Austvoll ( - kaustvoll8754) 'University of Oslo'