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Book: The Five-Minute Linguist

Chapter: 64. How are Endangered and Sleeping Languages Being Revitalized?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.38186


Languages of the world vary in their vitality. Communities with threatened, endangered, and sleeping languages envision and cultivate meaningful contemporary contexts and strategies for using their languages.

Chapter Contributors

  • Tracy Hirata-Edds ( - thirata) 'University of Kansas'
  • Mary Linn ( - mlinn) 'Smithsonian Museum'
  • Marcellino Berardo ( - mberardo) 'University of Kansas'
  • Lizette Peter ( - lpeter) 'University of Kansas'
  • Gloria Sly ( - gsly) 'Independent scholar'
  • Tracy Williams ( - tracywilliams) 'Oneida Language Department '