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Book: Exploring Shinto

Chapter: 15. Introducing the Faith of Shinshukyo

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.39496


This paper introduces the faith of Shinshūkyō 神習教, a Shinto sect of which the writer, Yoshimura Masanori, is the current head. It was founded by the writer’s grandfather, Yoshimura Masamochi, who sought to promote a pure form of Shinto based on the most ancient records (Kojiki and Nihon shoki). At the same time Masamochi emphasized the importance of a personal relationship to the kami, even to the extent of kamigakari (spiritual possession), for which special training is now required. The development of the religion is traced from the 19th century onwards, and aspects of its current life are described. Followers are found all over Japan.

Chapter Contributors

  • Yoshimura Masanori ( - myoshimura) 'Kyoshu of Shinshukyo, Guhi of Sakura Jinja'