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Book: Life on the Farm in Late Medieval Jerusalem

Chapter: Land Use and Foodways

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.40923


The final results of the botanical and faunal studies are presented here, in four separate sub-sections (as below). If needed, some of the larger charts, which comprise a reference archive of macrobotanical finds, will be relegated to the online supplement for the sake of space.

7.1: Evidence from Pollen – Dafna Langgut – analysis of pollen record from samples taken in the terraces
7.2: Evidence from Phytoliths - Sofia Laparidou – phytoliths from site and terraces
7.3: The Macrobotanical Record - Annette Hansen – macrobotanical analysis from site
7.4: The Zoorarchaeological Remains - Chiara Corbino – zooarchaeological analysis from site

Chapter Contributors

  • Dafna Langgut ( - dlanggut) 'Tel Aviv University'
  • Sofia Laparidouo ( - slaparidouo) 'American Agricultural College, Thessaloniki '
  • Annette Hansen ( - ahansen) 'University of Groningen Groningen Institute of Archaeology'
  • Chiara Corbino ( - ccorbino) 'University of Sheffield'