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Book: Syntax Prosody in Optimality Theory

Chapter: 3. Solving the Ranking Paradox of Irish Phrasing in OT

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41005


Irish phonological phrasing has been the subject of a number of analyses in recent years (Elfner 2012; Bennett, Elfner, McCloskey 2016, 2019). A ranking paradox noticed by Elfner 2012 remains unsolved in the context of parallel OT. We show that the problem can be solved by introducing a Match constraint sensitive only to non-minimal XPs.

Chapter Contributors

  • Jennifer Bellik ( - jbellik) 'University of California, Santa Cruz '
  • Junko Ito ( - jito) 'University of California, Santa Cruz'
  • Nick Kalivoda ( - nkalivoda) 'University of California, Santa Cruz'
  • Armin Mester ( - Mester1741224301) 'University of California Santa Cruz'