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Book: Syntax Prosody in Optimality Theory

Chapter: 5. Align-driven Clitic Movement in Chamorro

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41007


Many languages allow clitic movement to certain positions, and in most cases this movement is syntactically driven. However, there are cases where this movement is prosodically motivated, most notably Chamorro (Chung 2003) and Irish (Bennett, Elfner, McCloskey 2016). Previous work has demonstrated that clitic movement may be driven by prosodic subcategorization (Chung 2003), or via constraints on prosodic well-formedness (Bennett, Elfner, McCloskey 2016). For Chamorro, I demonstrate that clitic movement does not require prosodic subcategorization, and instead can be motivated through the interaction of syntax-prosody mapping constraints and markedness constraints on prosodic well-formedness. It will be shown that only Align constraints on syntax-prosody can motivate clitic movement, with Match constraints being insufficient.

Chapter Contributors

  • Richard Bibbs ( - rbibbs) 'PhD student, University of California, Santa Cruz '