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Book: Syntax Prosody in Optimality Theory

Chapter: 6. Visibility Settings for Match Theory: The Case of Italian

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41008


An important question in Match Theory concerns which syntactic constituents are visible to Match constraints. On the basis of data from Italian, I argue that Match constraints must be defined so as to match all and only those syntactic XPs with a phonologically overt head. I demonstrate how this definition is necessary to derive the prosodic phrasing of ditransitive structures and subject + verb sequences. This definition of Match stands in contrast to Elfner’s (2012) implementation for Irish, in which all XPs are visible to Match, suggesting that visibility of syntactic XPs for Match is subject to cross-linguistic variation.

Chapter Contributors

  • Nicholas Van Handel ( - nvhandel) 'PhD student, University of California, Santa Cruz'