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Book: Syntax Prosody in Optimality Theory

Chapter: 8. Precisifying EqualSisters and StrongStart

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.41010


Analyses of syntax-prosody mapping hinge on the interaction of mapping constraints with prosodic well-formedness constraints. Even though every analysis relies on notions of purely phonological well-formedness, the constraints defining this well-formedness are not as clearly defined as the mapping constraints, in part because the space of possible prosodic mismatches has not been fully explored. Here we examine several different ways to define the prosodic well-formedness constraints EqualSisters (Myrberg 2010, 2013) and StrongStart (Elfner 2012, Bennett, Elfner, McCloskey 2016), and the consequences of these definitions for the predicted typology.

Chapter Contributors

  • Jennifer Bellik ( - jbellik) 'University of California, Santa Cruz '
  • Nick Kalivoda ( - nkalivoda) 'University of California, Santa Cruz'