Vol 8 No. 2 (2001)

Journal: International Journal of Speech Language and the Law

Published: Aug 5, 2001

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Section Title Author Published
Was the knowledge of the second language or the age difference the determining factor? Kirk P. H. Sullivan, Frank K├╝gler Jan 25, 2007
GSM interference cancellation for forensic audio: a report on work in progress Philip Harrison Jan 25, 2007
Legal transformations in Spanish: an 'audiencia' in Chile John Gibbons Jan 25, 2007
The genesis of a witness statement Frances Rock Jan 25, 2007
Textualizing the law Peter Tiersma Jan 25, 2007
Style markers in authorship studies Gerald R. McMenamin Jan 25, 2007
Book Reviews
Review of Minding the Law by Anthony G. Amsterdam and Jerome Bruner Chris Heffer Jan 25, 2007
Review of The Miranda Debate: Law, Justice and Policing by Richard A. Lee and George. C. Thomas Dennis Kurzon Jan 25, 2007
Review of Introduction to Court Interpreting by Holly Mikkelson Ruth Morris Jan 25, 2007