Vol 17 No. 2 (2010)

Journal: International Journal of Speech Language and the Law

Published: Feb 24, 2011

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Section Title Author Published
The Influence of Signal Complexity on Speaker Identification Kyna Sherman Betancourt, Ruth Huntley Bahr Dec 22, 2010
Language analysis and contra-expertise in the Dutch asylum procedure Maaike Verrips Dec 22, 2010
The Expert Witness Problem Peter R. A. Gray Dec 22, 2010
The use of textual, grammatical and sociolinguistic evidence in forensic text comparison: M. Teresa Turell Dec 22, 2010
Automatic Speaker Recognition of Identical Twins Hermann Künzel Dec 22, 2010
Thesis Abstracts
Discourse and Judicial Thinking --- A Corpus-based Study of Court Judgments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China Le Cheng Dec 22, 2010
Ideologies of Violence: A Corpus and Discourse Analytic Approach to Stance in Threatening Communications Tammy Gales Dec 22, 2010
Terms in Context: a Corpus-Based Analysis of the Terminology of the European Union's Development Cooperation Policy with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States Judith Kast-Aigner Dec 22, 2010
Lay People as Cross-Examiners: A Linguistic Analysis of the Libel Case McDonald's Corporation v. Helen Steel and David Morris Tatiana Tkačuková Dec 22, 2010
Book Reviews
Language Practices in Public Administration. Eva Codó (2008) Mouton de Gruyter. 254pp + xvii Susan Berk-Seligson Dec 22, 2010
Forensic Rhetoric. Susanna Shelton Clason (2010) LFB Scholarly Publishing. 202pp + viii Philip Gaines Dec 22, 2010
Arguing With Tradition. Justin Richland (2008) University of Chicago Press. 187pp + xii Michael Walsh Dec 22, 2010
Book Announcements
Book Announcements Philip Gaines Dec 22, 2010