Vol 30 (2013) Learner-Computer Interaction in Language Education: A Festschrift in Honor of Robert Fischer

This volume is dedicated to Robert Fischer, who served as Executive Director of CALICO and also Editor of CALICO Journal from 1997 to 2011.

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jun 12, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Table of Contents Phil Hubbard May 21, 2013
Preface Phil Hubbard, Mathias Schulze, Bryan Smith May 15, 2013
List of Contributors Phil Hubbard May 21, 2013
Introduction Robert Fischer: CALICO Rescuer and Language Technology Advocate Esther Horn May 21, 2013
Colleagues' Perspectives on Robert Fischer Phil Hubbard, Mathias Schulze, Bryan Smith Jun 12, 2013
How Bob Fischer Saved CALICO Mary Ann Lyman-Hager Mar 27, 2013
Robert Fischer’s Impact on the Language Teaching and Learning Field Kathleen Egan Mar 27, 2013
Reflection on Robert Fischer in France Bob Blake Mar 27, 2013
How I Met Bob Fischer Bonnie L. Youngs Mar 27, 2013
The emergence of a fruitful relationship between EUROCALL and CALICO Ana Gimeno, Françoise Blin Mar 27, 2013
Robert Fischer: CALICO's Gentleman-Scholar Barbara A. Lafford Mar 27, 2013
Studies in Honor of Robert Fischer Phil Hubbard, Mathias Schulze, Bryan Smith Jun 12, 2013
Tools that detectives use: in search of learner-related determinants for usage of optional feedback in a written murder mystery Frederik Cornillie, Ruben Lagatie, Mieke Vandewaetere, Geraldine Clarebout, Piet Desmet Mar 27, 2013
Using tracking technologies to study the effects of linguistic complexity in CALL input and SCMC output Karina Collentine Mar 27, 2013
Patterns of Interaction Between Moderators and Learners during Synchronous Oral Discussions Online Aurélie Bayle, Bonnie L. Youngs Mar 27, 2013
Who Blogs? Understanding the Correlation of Personality and Blogging in Cross-Cultural Discussions. Linda Carol Jones, Amalie Holland Mar 27, 2013
Tracking Learner Usage of Mobile Phones for Language Learning Outside of the Classroom Glenn Stockwell Mar 27, 2013
The design of effective mobile-enabled tasks for ESP students: A longitudinal study Debra Hoven, Agnieszka Palalas Mar 27, 2013
Computer-Mediated Grammar Teaching and its Effect on Language Acquisition over Time Franziska Lys Mar 27, 2013
Clicking for Help Trude Heift Mar 27, 2013
Effects of gloss types on vocabulary learning through reading: Comparison of single and multiple gloss types Makoto Yoshii Mar 27, 2013
Computer Assisted Vocabulary Learning: Framework and Tracking Users’ data Qing Ma Mar 27, 2013
Commentaries in Honor of Robert Fischer Phil Hubbard, Mathias Schulze, Bryan Smith Jun 12, 2013
Challenges and Directions of Script-Based Tracking in Tutorial CALL Fenfang Hwu, Ching-yeh Tzseng Mar 27, 2013
Contributions of Tracking User Behavior to SLA Research Dorothy M. Chun Mar 27, 2013
Visibilization of languages at the University: The Language-Integrated Knowledge Education (LIKE) Approach Steve Thorne Mar 27, 2013
Peripatetic considerations on research challenges in CALL Jozef Colpaert Mar 27, 2013