Vol 28 No. 3 (2011)

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jan 14, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
CALL in Canada: Examples of Current Research -- Introduction to the Special Issue Catherine G. Caws, Marie-Josée Hamel, Mathias Schulze Jan 14, 2013
Looking Back: Tracing Trends in Canadian CALL Mary-Louise Craven, Roberta Sinyor Jan 14, 2013
Creating Podcasts for Academic Listening in French: Student Perceptions of Enjoyment and Usefulness Alysse Weinberg, Hélène Knoerr, Larry Vandergrift Jan 14, 2013
Investigating Writing Strategies and Revision Behavior in Collaborative Wiki Projects Claudia Kost Jan 14, 2013
From the Mouths of Canadian University Students: Web-based Information-seeking Activities for Language Learning Martine Peters, Alysse Weinberg, Nandini Sarma, Mary Frankoff Jan 14, 2013
Does Word Coach Coach Words? Tom Cobb, Marlise Horst Jan 14, 2013
Computer Assisted Reading in German as a Foreign Language, Developing and Testing an NLP-based Application Peter Wood Jan 14, 2013
Addressing Cultural and Native Language Interference in Second Language Acquisition Danièle Allard, Jacqueline Bourdeau, Riichiro Mizoguchi Jan 14, 2013
(Re)Conceptualizing Design Approaches for Mobile Language Learning Debra Hoven, Agnieszka Palalas Jan 14, 2013
Using ASR Technology in Language Training for Specific Purposes: A Perspective from Quebec, Canada Nicholas R. Walker, Pavel Trofimovich, Henrietta Cedergren, Elizabeth Gatbonton Jan 14, 2013
Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training: Targeting Second Language Vowel Perception Improves Pronunciation Ron I. Thomson Jan 14, 2013
Software Reviews
Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish Vehbi Türel Jan 14, 2013
Transparent Spanish, Premium Edition Elizabeth Kissling Jan 14, 2013