Vol 26 No. 3 (2009)

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jan 14, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
On the Automatic Analysis of Learner Language: Introduction to the Special Issue W. Detmar Meurers Jan 14, 2013
Judging Grammaticality: Experiments in Sentence Classification Joachim Wagner, Jennifer Foster, Josef van Genabith Jan 14, 2013
Using Statistical Techniques and Web Search to Correct ESL Errors Michael Gamon, Claudia Leacock, Chris Brockett, William B. Dolan, Jianfeng Gao, Dmitriy Belenko, Alexandre Klementiev Jan 14, 2013
Automatic Detection of Preposition Errors in Learner Writing Rachele De Felice, Stephen Pulman Jan 14, 2013
Annotation of Korean Learner Corpora for Particle Error Detection Sun-Hee Lee, Seok Bae Jang, Sang-Kyu Seo Jan 14, 2013
Modifying Corpus Annotation to Support the Analysis of Learner Language Markus Dickinson, Chong Min Lee Jan 14, 2013
Robo-Sensei's NLP-Based Error Detection and Feedback Generation Noriko Nagata Jan 14, 2013
Little Things With Big Effects: On the Identification and Interpretation of Tokens for Error Diagnosis in ICALL Luiz A. Amaral, W. Detmar Meurers Jan 14, 2013
Mastering Overdetection and Underdetection in Learner-Answer Processing: Simple Techniques for Analysis and Diagnosis Alexia Blanchard, Olivier Kraif, Claude Ponton Jan 14, 2013
TechWriter: An Evolving System for Writing Assistance for Advanced Learners of English Diane Napolitano, Amanda Stent Jan 14, 2013
Computing Accurate Grammatical Feedback in a Virtual Writing Conference for German-Speaking Elementary-School Children: An Approach Based on Natural Language Generation Karin Harbusch, Gergana Itsova, Ulrich Koch, Christine Kühner Jan 14, 2013
Annotation and Analyses of Temporal Aspects of Spoken Fluency Heather Hilton Jan 14, 2013
Construction of a Rated Speech Corpus of L2 Learners' Spontaneous Speech Su-Youn Yoon, Lisa Pierce, Amanda Huensch, Eric Juul, Samantha Perkins, Richard Sproat, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson Jan 14, 2013
Software Reviews
Review of En una palabra, Córdoba, Argentina: A CD-ROM for Exploring Culture in Spanish Cristina Pardo Ballester Jan 14, 2013
Review of Genders: French Vocabulary Software, version 1.0 Lawrence Williams Jan 14, 2013
Review of Jé K'Á So Yorùbá, Jé K'Á Ka Yorùbá, and Jé K'Á Gbó Yorùbá Olúsèye Adésolá Jan 14, 2013
Review of Methods of Language Teaching Lara Ducate Jan 14, 2013