Vol 21 No. 2 (2004)

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jan 14, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Non-mainstream Languages and Speech Recognition: Some Challenges Kristen Precoda Jan 14, 2013
The Computerized Mini-AMTB Jeff Tennant, R. C. Gardner Jan 14, 2013
Computer-mediated Communication: Texts and Strategies Sandra J. Sovignon, Waltraud Roithmeier Jan 14, 2013
Teacher-assisted versus Individual Viewing of Foreign Language Video: Relation to Comprehension, Self-efficacy, and Engagement Nicole Mills, Carol Herron, Steven P. Cole Jan 14, 2013
On the Applicability of the Input-enhancement Hypothesis and Input Processing Theory in Multimedia CALL: The Case of Spanish Preterite and Imperfect Instruction in an Input Application Fenfang Hwu Jan 14, 2013
Test Takers' Experiences with Computer- administered Listening Comprehension Tests: Interviewing for Qualitative Explorations of Test Validity Greta Gorsuch Jan 14, 2013
Distance Language Learning: Interactivity and Fourth-generation Internet-based Videoconferencing Yuping Wang Jan 14, 2013
Effect of Animated Graphic Annotations and Immediate Visual Feedback in Aiding Japanese Pronunciation Learning: A Comparative Study Soon-Hin Hew, Mitsuru Ohki Jan 14, 2013
Software Reviews
The Arabic Tutor (Version 2.1x) Nancy Coffin Jan 1, 2017
The Bilingual Corrector 2.0 Susan Carpenter Binkley Dec 4, 2017
Language Partner Version 4.2 Jeffrey L. High, Perry Bennett Dec 4, 2017
VTrain 4.0 (Vocabulary Trainer) Olaf Böhlke Jan 1, 2017
Speak Zulu with Us: Intermediate to Advanced Sandra Sanneh Jan 1, 2017