Vol 18 No. 2 (2001)

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jan 14, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Fifty Years of Classical Computing: A Progress Report Rob Latousek Jan 14, 2013
Sunoikisis: Computer-Mediated Communication in the Creation of a Virtual Department Kenneth Scott Morell Jan 14, 2013
Learning Latin by Electronic Media: Edging into the Future Bob Lister, Tony Smith Jan 14, 2013
The VRoma Project: Community And Context For Latin Teaching and Learning Barbara F. McManus Jan 14, 2013
Tools for Students in the Perseus Digital Library Anne Mahoney Jan 14, 2013
A Return to Interactivity: The Third Wave in Educational Uses of Information Technology William Magrath Jan 14, 2013
Roles for Technology in Collaborative Teaching Susan Bonvallet, Judith de Luce Jan 14, 2013
How Do You Say "MOO" in Latin? Assessing Student Learning and Motivation in Beginning Latin John Gruber-Miller, Cindy Benton Jan 14, 2013
Monitoring Student Behavior in Computerized Latin Exercises John Sarkissian Jan 14, 2013
The Perseus Project: Eight Latin Lesson Plans Steve Prince Jan 14, 2013
An On-Line Program for Intermediate Level Latin Readings Ann Raia Jan 14, 2013
Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus: A Web Site for Learning Ancient Greek Alison Barker Jan 14, 2013
Technology in the Classroom: Teaching the Process of Editing Stephen A. Dall Jan 14, 2013
Software Reviews
Talk Now! Learn Catalan Donna M. Rogers Nov 30, 2017
Talk Now! Funda isi-Zulu Learn Zulu Talk Now! Funda isiXhosa-Learn Xhosa Sandra Sanneh Jan 1, 2017
EuroTalk Interactive 'World Talk'- TURKISH Erika Gilson Nov 30, 2017
freeENGLISH Hedy M. McGarrell Nov 30, 2017
Real Reading in English for Business and Management Mingyuan Zhang, Xiaoping Li Nov 30, 2017
Italian Encounters Francesco Scordato Nov 30, 2017
Critical Review of TransIt-Tiger (English-French and Authoring Shell) Paul Robberecht Jan 1, 2017