Vol 16 No. 3 (1999)

Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Jan 14, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Tutors That Listen V. Melissa Holland Jan 14, 2013
Software That Listens: It's Not a Question of Whether, It's a Question of How Krystyna A. Wachowicz, Brian Scott Jan 14, 2013
Speaking: A Critical Skill and a Challenge Kathleen B. Egan Jan 14, 2013
On the Path to 2X Learning: Exploring the Possibilities of Advanced Speech Recognition Stephen A. LaRocca, John J. Morgan, Sherri M. Bellinger Jan 14, 2013
Virtual Dialogues with Native Speakers: The Evaluation of an Interactive Multimedia Method William G. Harless, Marcia A. Zier, Robert C. Duncan Jan 14, 2013
Preliminary Tests of Language Learning in a Speech-Interactive Graphics Microworld V. Melissa Holland, Jonathan D. Kaplan, Mark A. Sabol Jan 14, 2013
Subarashii: Encounters in Japanese Spoken Language Education Jared Bernstein, Amir Najmi, Farzad Ehsani Jan 14, 2013
VILTS: A Tale of Two Technologies Marikka Elizabeth Rypa, Patti Price Jan 14, 2013
Giving Help and Praise in a Reading Tutor with Imperfect Listening--Because Automated Speech Recognition Means Never Being Able to Say You're Certain Jack Mostow, Gregory Aist Jan 14, 2013
Explicit Pronunciation Training Using Automatic Speech Recognition Technology Jonathan Dalby, Diane Kewley-Port Jan 14, 2013
Using a Computer in Foreign Language Pronunciation Training: What Advantages? Maxine Eskenazi Jan 14, 2013