Vol 8 No. 1 (2001)

Journal: International Journal of Speech Language and the Law

Published: Feb 28, 2001

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Section Title Author Published
Empirical evaluations of language-based author identification techniques Carole E. Chaski Feb 28, 2007
Identifying reliable, valid markers of authorship: a response to Chaski Tim Grant, Kevin Baker Feb 28, 2007
Beware of the ‘telephone effect’: the influence of telephone transmission on the measurement of formant frequencies Hermann J. Kunzel Feb 28, 2007
The influence of creaky voice on formant frequency changes Sylvia Moosmüller Feb 28, 2007
Earwitness descriptions and speaker identification A. Daniel Yarmey Feb 28, 2007
Book Reviews
Review of Studies in Authorship Recognition – A Corpus-Based Approach by Heike Hänlein John Olsson Feb 28, 2007
Review of Summary Justice: Judges Address Juries by Paul Robertshaw Hon. Stan Bernstein Feb 28, 2007
Review of Interpreting as Interaction by Cecilia Wadensjö Sonia Russell Feb 28, 2007
Review of Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom by Andrew Taslitz Greg Matoesian Feb 28, 2007
Review of Interviewing Children: A Guide for Child Care and Forensic Practitioners by Michelle Aldridge and Joanne Wood Sue Blackwell Feb 28, 2007
Thesis Abstracts
Representing Reality in Court: Power and Persuasion in Trial Discourse, as exemplified in The People v. Orenthal James Simpson Janet Cotterill Feb 28, 2007
The translation of legal texts on the basis of Skopostheorie (in Greek) Stefanos Vlachopoulos Feb 28, 2007
Victims and Villains: Gender Representations,Surveillance and Punishment in the Judicial Discourse on Rape Debora de Carvalho Figueiredo Feb 28, 2007
‘Tell me what he said! We’ll decide if it makes sense or not’: a case study of legal interpreting between English and Chinese in Britain Ester S.M. Leung Feb 28, 2007
Rigidity and fuzziness within the framework of English Statutes and Law Reports. Original French title: Rigidité et Fluidité dans les cadres Législatif et jurisprudentiel anglais Anne Wagner Feb 28, 2007