Vol 30 No. 1 (2017)

Journal: Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Published: Jul 19, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
The Ambiguity of the Sacred: Revisiting Roger Caillois’s L’Homme et le sacré Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi Mar 14, 2017
The Neojihadist Cell as a Religious Organization: A Melbourne Jema’ah Case Study Pete Lentini Mar 15, 2017
‘How Much Do I Want the Apocalypse to Happen and Just Wipe this All Clean?’: The Use of Apocalyptic Narratives by Non-religious Youth Julia Cook Mar 15, 2017
Do Catholic Leaders Try To Influence Catholic MPs’ Conscience Votes? A Case Study on Therapeutic Cloning Mitchell Landrigan Nov 22, 2016
Book Reviews
Mark Edwards, Religions of the Constantinian Empire. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, pp. xi + 365, ISBN: 978-0199687725 (hbk). Robert Crotty Mar 19, 2017
Andrew Brown and Linda Woodhead, That Was The Church, That Was: How the Church of England Lost the English People. London: Bloomsbury, 2016, pp. 255, ISBN: 987-1-4729-2164-2 (hbk). Douglas Ezzy Mar 19, 2017
Stephen C. Meyer, Epic Sound: Music in Postwar Hollywood Biblical Films. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2015, pp. xiv + 273, ISBN: 978-0-253-01451-1 (pbk). Anton Karl Kozlovic Mar 19, 2017
Elisabeth Arweck (ed.), Young People’s Attitudes to Religious Diversity. Journal of Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion & Education. London: Routledge, 2017, pp. 304, ISBN: 978-1-47244-430-1 (hbk). Gary D. Bouma Mar 19, 2017
Katharine Buljan and Carole M. Cusack, Anime, Religion and Spirituality: Profane and Sacred Worlds in Contemporary Japan. Sheffield & Bristol: Equinox, 2015, pp. 249, ISBN: 978-1-78179-110-3 (pbk). Sarah Penicka-Smith Mar 23, 2017
Alex Norman (ed.), Journeys and Destinations: Studies in Travel, Identity and Meaning. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013, pp. 310, ISBN: 978-14438-4753-7 (hbk). Pheroza Dauwalla Apr 6, 2017