Vol 13 No. 1 (2016) Teamwork and Team Talk in Healthcare Delivery

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: Feb 8, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial: Team work and team talk as distributed and coordinated action in healthcare delivery Srikant Sarangi Dec 20, 2016
Team talk and problem solving in thoracic medicine Per Måseide Sep 13, 2016
A collective clinical gaze: Negotiating decisions in a surgical ward Gro Underland, Aksel Tjora Sep 13, 2016
The management of diagnostic uncertainty and decision-making in genetics case conferences Olga Zayts, Srikant Sarangi, Stephanie Schnurr Sep 13, 2016
Discourse types and (re)distribution of responsibility in simulated emergency team encounters Gøril Thomassen, Ellen Andenæs, Stine Gundrosen, Srikant Sarangi Oct 14, 2016
Contrasting discourse styles and barriers to patient participation in bedside nursing handovers Suzanne Eggins, Diana Slade Sep 13, 2016
Analysing teamwork in health care: What matters when clinicians negotiate the continuity of clinical tasks and care responsibilities? Rick Iedema, Eamon Merrick Sep 13, 2016
How language shapes psychiatric case formulation John Walsh, Nayia Cominos, Jon Jureidini Sep 13, 2016
Professionals’ embodied orientations towards patients in discharge-planning meetings and their impact on patient participation Sara Keel, Veronika Schoeb Sep 13, 2016
Pilot evaluation of a novel observational tool for collaboration and communication within multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs) Amy Gillis, Marie Morris, Nikita Bhatt, Paul Ridgway Sep 13, 2016