Vol 5 No. 1 (2017)

Journal: Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Published: Aug 31, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial – Our Focus is End of Life Care Meg Burton, Debbie Hodge Jan 28, 2017
Spiritual Guidance of Patients, Families and Medical Staff during Paediatric End of Life Care Edina A. Farkas Jan 14, 2017
What Is the Distinctiveness of Paediatric Chaplaincy? Findings from a Systematic Review of the Literature Paul Nash, Wilfred McSherry Nov 1, 2016
Nursing Staff’s Perception of Spiritual Care on Haematology, Oncology and Elderly Care Wards Wanda Neary, Valerie Hillier, Derek Fraser Feb 8, 2017
Hospice Volunteers’ Spiritual Care Training: A Discussion of Core Competencies and Course Aims Margit Gratz, Traugott Roser, Piret Paal Jan 30, 2017
Completing the Theory Practice Circle Debbie Hodge Jan 28, 2017
Why the Delivery of Religious and Spiritual Support to People of Any Faith and None is Important Giselle Rusted Feb 20, 2017
End of Life Care: What is Important for Me and for Us. A Review of Recent UK Strategy and Policy Documents and their Implications for Chaplains Pia Matthews Feb 11, 2017
The Locum Life in Spiritual Health Care – Is It for Me? Is It for You? A Brief Personal Reflection Gail Harrison Jan 11, 2017
Chaplains, their History and the Theology of R. A. Lambourne: A Response to Elements of the Scottish NHS Policy on Spirituality Jenifer R. Booth Jan 9, 2017
Book Reviews
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