Vol 9 No. 1 (2017) Orality and Literacy in the 21st Century:  Prospects for Writing and Pedagogy

Journal: Writing & Pedagogy

Published: Jul 13, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Guest Editorial
Advancing Research on Speaking and Writing: Pedagogical Possibilities Rosalind Horowitz Jun 7, 2017
Featured Essay
Orality, literacy, and the representation of thought Wallace Chafe May 2, 2017
Orality as cultural action: Contributions to literacy George Lovell Boggs, Rob Duarte, Justin Manglitz May 9, 2017
Going beyond oral-written-signed-irl-virtual divides. Theorizing languaging from mind-as-action perspectives Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta Apr 14, 2017
Research Matters
Evidence of the role of prosody in argumentative writing: Comma use in texts written by Brazilian students aged 11–14 Geovana Soncin, Luciani Ester Tenani Apr 13, 2017
Developing fluency in writing: How features of speech can support acts of writing Estanislado S. Barrera IV May 11, 2017
Reflections on Practice
Drawing from, reworking and contesting classroom meanings: Repetition as a voicing tool in 6th grade students’ argumentative texts Triantafillia Kostouli, Marios Stylianou Apr 13, 2017
Talk to Text Safaliba Literacy Activism: Grassroots Ghanaian Educational Language Policy Ari Sherris Apr 14, 2017
From the e-Sphere
Understanding orality through online fanfiction: Implications for writing and pedagogy Vittorio Marone, Anthony D. Neely Apr 14, 2017
Review Essay
Writing Development in Children with Hearing Loss, Dyslexia, or Oral Language Problems: Implications for Assessment and Instruction, Barbara Arfé, Julie Dockrell, Virginia Berninger (eds.) (2014) Thangi Appanah Apr 14, 2017