Vol 13 No. 1-3 (2016) Special Volume on Researching and Impacting Professional Practice: In Memory of Chris Candlin

Guest Editors: Srikant Sarangi and Malcolm Coulthard

Journal: Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice

Published: Dec 31, 2018

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial: Researching and impacting professional practice Srikant Sarangi, Malcolm Coulthard Oct 31, 2018
Assessing institutional empathy in medical settings Sarah Atkins, Celia Roberts Jan 17, 2018
Managing up: Is upwards feedback too great a challenge for leadership? Janet Brady Jan 17, 2018
Patient-centredness in advice delivered during audiology consultations Louise Collingridge, Elizabeth Bassett Jan 17, 2018
Collaboration between applied linguists and professional experts: An interdisciplinary perspective Maurizio Gotti Jan 22, 2018
Conversation words in art and design practice: A corpus-based ethnography Darryl Hocking Jul 5, 2018
Managing transitions through discourse at work Janet Holmes, Meredith Marra, Keely Kidner Jan 17, 2018
Ethical positionings in the self-reflective accounts of professional accountants Alan Jones, Samantha Sin Jul 11, 2018
Mediated self-care and the question of agency Rodney H. Jones Mar 6, 2018
Cross-disciplinary collaboration in research on a specific-purpose language test in the healthcare setting Tim McNamara, Cathie Elder, Eleanor Flynn, Ute Knoch, Elizabth Manias, Robyn Woodward-Kron, Sharon Yahalom Mar 29, 2018
The syllabus and the casualty ward: A 1974 study of ‘Doctor–Patient Communication Skills’ Greg Myers Jan 22, 2018
Walking a fine line – The legal system and sign language interpreters: Roles and responsibilities Jemina Napier, Karin Banna Jan 17, 2018
Clinical communication training for the general practice of medicine – A case for including discourse analytical findings from real-world practice Catherine O'Grady Jan 17, 2018
‘Apparently the chap is a bit of a rogue’: Upgrading risk in non-emergency telephone calls to the police Frances Rock Mar 5, 2018
The death of scientific evidence in Canadian policymaking: Controversy and collective resistance to perceived government ‘anti-science’ Graham Smart Mar 5, 2018
Contraceptive advertising – A critical multimodal analysis Theo van Leeuwen, Deborah J. Bateson, Bern Le Hunte, Alexandra Barratt, Kirsten I. Black, Marguerite Kelly, Kumiyo Inoue, Alison Rutherford, Mary Stewart, Juliet Richters Jan 17, 2018
‘Timeless places’ – Narratives about flight, exile and belonging Ruth Wodak Jan 17, 2018
Special Features
Introduction Srikant Sarangi Oct 31, 2018
The Candlin Lecture Communicative expertise: The mutation of expertise and expert systems in contemporary professional practice Srikant Sarangi Oct 31, 2018
The Candlin Researcher Award: Balancing journalists’ and scientists’ professional practices: Producing an infotainment show about food and nutrition in the age of healthism and soft news Jana Declercq Jan 17, 2018
Interview: Intended and unintended influences in the shaping of (inter)disciplinary practice: A conversation between Aaron Cicourel and Srikant Sarangi Aaron Cicourel, Srikant Sarangi Oct 31, 2018
Endpiece: Extending ‘presencing’ in the context of enhancing patient wellbeing in nursing care Sally Candlin, Christopher N. Candlin Jul 5, 2018