Vol 15 No. 1 (2018)

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: Jul 3, 2019

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Section Title Author Published
Getting to ‘no’: Three ways to jointly accomplish an answer to questions in a questionnaire in doctor–patient interaction Elisabeth Muth Andersen, Gitte Rasmussen, Catherine E. Brouwer, Jytte Isaksen Nov 26, 2018
Insulin restriction, medicalisation and the Internet: A corpus-assisted study of diabulimia discourse in online support groups Gavin Brookes Nov 26, 2018
Patients’ representations of depressive symptoms and physicians’ responses in clinical encounters Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau, Annette Sofie Davidsen Nov 26, 2018
Interactions in psychiatric care consultation in Akan speaking communities Ekua Essumanma Houphouet, Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, Eugene K. Dordoye, Rachel Thompson Nov 26, 2018
Nurturing anaesthetic expertise: On narrative, affect and professional inclusivity Rick Iedema, Christine Jorm Nov 26, 2018
Inter-organisational use of the electronic health record in mental health Jenni-Mari Räsänen, Kirsi Günther Nov 26, 2018
Verbal and nonverbal communication of agency in illness narratives of patients suffering from medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) Agnieszka Sowińska Nov 26, 2018
Perceptions of the need for minority languages by nurses in Southern Taiwan Mei-Hui Tsai, Huan-Fang Lee, Shuen-Lin Jeng, Sheng-Che Lin, Li-Wei Hsieh, Jen-Pin Chuang, Elizabeth A. Jacobs Nov 26, 2018