Vol 5 No. 1 (2018) Special issue: Agropastoral Landscapes in the Islamic World: Producing, Trading and Feeding

Guest Editors: Haeedeh Laleh, Marjan Mashkour and Vladimir Dabrowski

Journal: Journal of Islamic Archaeology

Published: Dec 19, 2018

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Section Title Author Published
Guest Editors' Preface Haeedeh Laleh, Marjan Mashkour, Vladimir Dabrowski Nov 27, 2018
Agricultural Landscape of Nishapur and the Hinterland of a Metropole Zahra Lorzadeh, Haeedeh Laleh Nov 27, 2018
Plant Supplying Strategies in an Islamic Omani Harbour City: Archaeobotanical Analysis from a Workshop (B39) in Qalhāt (XIVth-XVIth c. AD) Vladimir Dabrowski, Margareta Tengberg, Thomas Creissen, Axelle Rougeulle Nov 27, 2018
Agro-pastoral productions and landscape evolution during Antiquity and Islamic periods (AD 1st–12th centuries) at Dharih (Jordan) Charlène Bouchaud, Hervé Monchot, François Villeneuve, Piotr Makowski, Anaïs Marrast Nov 27, 2018
Bioarchaeological Results from the House 1 at Albalat (Romangordo, Extremadura, Spain): Agriculture, Livestock and Environment at the Margin of al-Andalus Jérôme Ros, José Antonio Garrido Garcia, Mónica Ruiz Alonso, Sophie Gilotte Nov 27, 2018
Book Reviews
A Material Culture: Consumption and Materiality on the Coast of Precolonial East Africa, by Stephanie Wynne-Jones Stéphane Pradines Nov 27, 2018
Late Mamlūk Military Equipment: Travaux et Études de la Mission Archéologique Syro-Française Citadelle de Damas (1999–2006), by David Nicolle Robert Elgood Nov 27, 2018
The Islamic-Byzantine Frontier: Interaction and Exchange among Muslim and Christian communities, by A. Asa Eger Philip Wood Nov 27, 2018
Islamic Calligraphy, by Sheila Blair Walid Ghali Nov 27, 2018
Castles of North-west Greece: From the Early Byzantine Period to the Eve of the First World War, by Allan Brooks Stéphane Pradines Nov 27, 2018