Vol 13 No. 1 (2019) Special Issue: Visceral landscapes

Guest Editors: Christopher Stroud, Amiena Peck and Quentin Williams

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: Jul 17, 2019

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Section Title Author Published
Introduction: Visceral landscapes (the inside story) Christopher Stroud, Amiena Peck, Quentin Williams Apr 13, 2019
Kawaii in the semiotic landscape Mie Hiramoto, Lionel Wee Apr 13, 2019
Crossing boundaries: Visceral landscapes of Israeli nationalism Tommaso M. Milani, Erez Levon, Ruth Glocer Apr 13, 2019
Semioscaping Eutopia: Qatar as a place in Qatar Airways advertisements Irene Theodoropoulou Apr 13, 2019
Chronotopeography: Nostalgia and modernity in South Delhi’s linguistic landscape Kate Lyons, Farzad Karimzad Apr 13, 2019
Changing tastes on the linguistic landscape of Asmara, Eritrea Tedros H. Weldemichael, Amiena Peck, Quentin Williams Apr 13, 2019
Inheritance and innovation in a colonial language: Towards a usage-based account of French Guianese Creole by William Jennings and Stefan Pfänder (2018) Jason F. Siegel Mar 2, 2019
Household perspectives on minority language maintenance and loss: Language in the small spaces by Isabel Velázquez (2019) Judith Ansó Ros Mar 2, 2019
The grammar of knowledge: A cross-linguistic typology by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and Robert M. W. Dixon (eds) (2014) Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi Mar 2, 2019
Language and classification: Meaning-making in the classification and categorization of ceramics by Allison Burkette (2018) Qurrat-ul-ain Mukhtar Nov 16, 2018