Vol 32 No. 2-3 (2019) Special Issue: Religion Studies Autobiographies

Guest Edited by Douglas Ezzy and Carole M. Cusack

Journal: Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Published: Jan 24, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Introduction: Religion Studies Autobiographies Douglas Ezzy, Carole M. Cusack Dec 15, 2019
Tales from a Life in the Sociology of Religion Gary Bouma Aug 13, 2019
Religion and Politics over a Career Marion Maddox Nov 1, 2019
Sisyphus and I: Or, Theologians I Have Known in Three Decades as Religionswissenschaftler Will Sweetman Nov 18, 2019
Anthropology and Religion Studies: A Personal and Academic Symbiosis Lynne Hume Aug 11, 2019
Reflections on an Academic Pursuit of Religion Milad Milani Nov 1, 2019
A Sociologist among the Spirits Andrew Singleton Sep 9, 2019
Histories of Religious Identity and the Irish Dianne Hall Sep 16, 2019
Studying Religion in the Land of the Long White Cloud Geoffrey Troughton Nov 18, 2019
A Personal and Scholarly Reflection on Sociology of Religion, Peacebuilding and Spaciousness Anna Halafoff Nov 25, 2019
An Italian-born Belgo-Australian Sociologist of Religion Adam Possamai Nov 4, 2019
Book Reviews
Matthew Bowman, Christian: The Politics of a Word in America Alex Deagon Sep 23, 2019
Hsun Chang and Benjamin Penny (eds), Religion in Taiwan and China:Locality and Transmission. Sarah Veeck Sep 25, 2019
Carole M. Cusack, John W. Morehead and Venetia Laura Delano Robertson (eds), The Sacred in Fantastic Fandom: Essays on the Intersectionof Religion and Pop Culture Liz Wong Dec 15, 2019
Massimo Introvigne, The Plymouth Brethren Carole M. Cusack Dec 15, 2019
Luigi Berzano, The Fourth Secularisation: Autonomy of Individual Lifestyles Carole M. Cusack Dec 15, 2019