Vol 14 No. 2 (2020)

Journal: Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Published: Oct 2, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Editors’ Introduction Joseph D Witt, Bron Taylor, Lucas F. Johnston Jul 14, 2020
A Formal Model for the Cultural Evolutionary Dynamics of Counterintuitive Cultural Messages Carles Salazar May 4, 2020
From Stewardship to Creation Spirituality: The Evolving Ecological Ethos of Catholic Doctrine Lukas Szrot May 4, 2020
A Brief Account of Animism in Biblical Studies Mari Joerstad Jun 26, 2020
The Critical Zone as a Planetary Animist Sphere: Etho-graphing an Affective Consciousness of the Earth Dan Smyer Yu Jun 30, 2020
Book Reviews
Dan McKanan, Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism Frederick Amrine May 4, 2020
James Miller, China’s Green Religion: Daoism and the Quest for a Sustainable Future Seth D Clippard May 4, 2020
Georgina Drew, River Dialogues: Hindu Faith and the Political Ecology of Dams on the Sacred Ganga Albertina Nugteren May 4, 2020
Timothy Morton, Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence & Richard J. Schneider (ed.), Dark Nature: Anti-Pastoral Essays in American Literature and Culture Tatiana Prorokova May 4, 2020
Maria Nita, Praying with Environmental Christians: Green Religion and the Climate Movement Paul-François Tremlett May 4, 2020
Melissa K. Nelson and Dan Shilling (eds.), Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Learning from Indigenous Practices for Environmental Sustainability Robin Wright May 4, 2020
Amanda Baugh, God and the Green Divide: Religious Environmentalism in Black and White Rebecca Kneale Gould Jul 3, 2020