Vol 15 No. 1 (2008)

Journal: International Journal of Speech Language and the Law

Published: Jul 25, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
“You Have the Right to Remain Silent. . . But Only If You Ask for It Just So”: The Role of Linguistic Ideology in American Police Interrogation Law Janet Ainsworth Jul 24, 2008
Immigrant Voices in the Courts Ann Wennerstrom Jul 24, 2008
An investigation of the effectiveness of a Swedish glide + vowel segment for speaker discrimination Erik Johannes Eriksson, Kirk Patrick Haig Sullivan Jul 24, 2008
Detection of copies of digital audio recordings produced using analogue interfacing Alan John Cooper Jul 24, 2008
Thesis Abstracts
A forensic phonetic investigation into the speech patterns of identical and non-identical twins Deborah Loakes Jul 24, 2008
A linguistic analysis of some Japanese trademark cases Mami Hiraike Okawara Jul 24, 2008
From violent words to violent deeds? Assessing risk from threatening communications Sharon S. Smith Jul 24, 2008
Book Reviews
Working in Language and Law: a German Perspective by Hannes Kniffka (2007). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978 02 305 5142 8 Blake Stephen Howald Jul 24, 2008
A Pragmatic Analysis of Legal Proofs of Criminal Intent by Sol Azuelos-Atias (2007). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins ISBN 978 90 272 2716 4 Peter Tiersma Jul 24, 2008
Translating Law by Deborah Cao (2007). Clevedon/Buffalo/Toronto: Multilingual Matters. ISBN 978-1-85359 954 5 Christina Marinetti Jul 24, 2008
Book Announcements
Book Announcements Chris Heffer Jul 24, 2008