Vol 1 No. 3 (2007)

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: May 9, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
Sociolinguistic Variation in the Intonation of Buenos Aires Spanish Claudia Ruth Enbe, Yishai Tobin May 9, 2008
Competing Norms in a Bilingual Community. Ethnolinguistic and Social Factors in the Reversal of a Change in Progress in Peninsular Spanish José Luis Blas-Arroyo May 9, 2008
Early and contemporary Nahuatl texts in sociolinguistic perspectiva José Antonio Flores Farfán May 9, 2008
Young People's Social Networks and Language Use: the Case of Wales Delyth Morris May 9, 2008
Address Forms and the Construction of Multiple Identities among University Students in Ghana Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful May 9, 2008
Language Production in Trilingual Children: Insights on Code Switching and Code Mixing Anat Stavans, Malka Muchnik May 9, 2008
Short Communications
‘Linguistic inequalities in Nigeria and minority language education’ Herbert Igboanusi May 9, 2008
Lars Hinrichs (2006). Codeswitching on the Web. English and Jamaican Creole in e-mail communication. (Pragmatics and Beyond Volume 147.) Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Pp. ix + 301. ISBN: 90 272 5390 0. Angela - Bartens May 9, 2008
Review of Ibarraran, I. Lasagabaster, D. and Sierra, J.M. (2007) Inmigración y aprendizaje de lenguas en contexto bilingüe. Bilbao: LETE Maria Pilar Safont Jordà May 9, 2008
Book Review: María Elena Placencia and Carmen García (eds.) (2007). Research on Politeness in the Spanish-Speaking World. Mahwah, New Jersey, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. Pp. v + 442. ISBN 0-8058-5227-1 Julie M. Sykes, Carol A. Klee May 9, 2008
Emotive communication in Japanese Kayo Fujimura-Wilson May 9, 2008
Chercheurs en interaction. Comment émergent les savoirs. Lorenza Mondada. Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, 2005, 142pp. Sílvia Martins Melo May 9, 2008