Vol 3 No. 1 (2009)

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: Jul 6, 2009

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Section Title Author Published
Coming-out stories and the 'gay imaginary' Andrew Wong Jun 19, 2009
Ideologies on multilingual practices at a rural Catalan school Maria Sabate Dalmau Jun 19, 2009
Position and the presence of subjunctive in purpose clauses in US-heritage Spanish Maria Isabel Martinez Mira Jun 19, 2009
Literacies, global and local. Mastin Prinsloo and Mike Baynham (eds) (2008) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins pp. 218 ISBN 978-902720-518-6 Vally Lytra Jun 19, 2009
Politeness in Mexico and the United States: a contrastive study of the realization and perception of refusals. J. Cesar Felix-Brasdefer (2008) Amsterdam: John Benjamins pp. 195 ISBN 978-902725-415-3 Wei Ren Jun 19, 2009
Sexed texts: Language, gender and sexuality. Paul Baker (2008) London: Equinox Publishing pp. 300 ISBN: 978–1-84553–075–4 Elaine Fraser Jun 19, 2009
A beginner’s guide to language and gender. Allyson Jule (2008) Bristol: Multilingual Matters pp. 104 ISBN 978–1-84769–056–2 (hbk) Marilena Paraskeva Jun 19, 2009
Gendered talk at work. Constructing gender identity through workplace discourse. Janet Holmes (2006) Oxford: Blackwell. pp. viii, 251 ISBN 978–1-4051–1758–6 Virginia Acuña Ferreira Jun 19, 2009
L’avenir du français. Jacques Maurais, Pierre Dumont, Jean- Marie Klinkenberg, Bruno Maurer, Patrick Chardenet (2008) pp. 282 ISBN 978-2-914610-47-6 Huw Rees Jun 19, 2009
Studies in language and language education: Essays in honor of Elite Olshtain. Anat Stavans and Irit Kupferberg (eds) (2008) Jerusalem: The Hebrew University Magnes Press pp. 479 ISSN 0793–3916 Jasone Cenoz Jun 19, 2009