Vol 3 No. 2 (2009) Analysing language as a way to understand social phenomena. Analyser le langage pour comprendre les phénomènes sociaux

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: Feb 1, 2010

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Section Title Author Published
Approaching language as a social practice: reflections on some implications for the analysis of language Philippe Hambye, Jean-Louis Siroux Jan 18, 2010
De l’indissociabilité du langagier et du social [On the inseparability of the linguistic and the social] Bernard Lahire Jan 18, 2010
The Political Economy of Texts: A Case Study in the Structuration of Tourism Monica Heller, Joan Pujolar Jan 18, 2010
Mots, fréquence et réseaux dans le discours politique. Analyse lexicométrique, méthode et illustration dans deux corpus de textes européens [Words, frequency and networks in political discourse: lexicometric analysis in two corpora of European texts] Corinne Gobin, Jean-Claude Deroubaix Jan 18, 2010
Indeterminacy and Regularization: a process-based approach to the study of sociolinguistic variation and language ideologies Alexandra M Jaffe Jan 18, 2010
Revisiting the Need for New Approaches to Social Class in Variationist Sociolinguistics Christine Mallinson, Robin Dodsworth Jan 18, 2010
Quantitative Methods in Linguistics. Keith Johnson (2008) Jenifer Larson-Hall Jan 18, 2010
The Language and Sexuality Reader. Deborah Cameron and Don Kulick (eds) (2006) Vianna Renaud Jan 18, 2010
Growing Up with Three Languages. Xiao-Lei Wang (2008) Jean-Marc Dewaele Jan 18, 2010
El español hablado en Malaga. Matilde Vida Castro (ed.) (2007); Malaga: Editorial Sarriá S.L. pp. 188 (with CD Rom); ISBN: 978-84-96799-04-2 Elaine Marie Fraser Jan 18, 2010