Vol 2 (2015)

Journal: Journal of Glacial Archaeology

Published: May 31, 2016

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Martin Eugene Callanan Feb 2, 2016
An Ice Patch Artifact and Paleobiological Specimen from the Teton Mountains, Wyoming, USA Rebecca A. Sgouros, Matthew A. Stirn Dec 14, 2015
cOld Ice: A Survey and Monitoring Programme of High-Alpine Cultural Heritage in the Central Alps, Switzerland Leandra Reitmaier-Naef, Thomas Reitmaier Dec 14, 2015
Death in the Ice: Re-investigations of the Remains from the Theodul Glacier (Switzerland) Amelie Alterauge, Sophie Providoli, Negahnaz Moghaddam, Sandra Lösch Dec 14, 2015
Unmoving Ice Patches and Instances of Biased Recovery Patterns Julian Robert Post Martinsen Feb 2, 2016
Fragments of a Late Iron Age Sledge Melted Out of the Vossaskavlen Snowdrift Glacier in Western Norway Tore Bjørgo, Trond Linge, Øystein Skår, Solveig Lohne Rongved, Tore Slinning Feb 2, 2016