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Context in the System and Process of Language

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The concept context of situation introduced by Malinowski some eighty years ago has now become an essential element of the vocabulary of any linguistic theory whose aim is to reveal the nature of language. With the abandonment of the spurious distinction between competence and performance, the process of language, i.e., language use, has claimed its rightful place in the study of language. The chapters of this book focus on the relations of context and text, conceptualising the latter as language operative in some recognizable social context. It is argued that context is not simply a backdrop for the occurrence of words; rather, it is an active element which on the one hand plays a crucial role in the progression of human discourse and on the other enters into and shapes the very nature of language as process and as system, furnishing the foundation for functionality in language. Acting as the interface between language and society, context analysis reveals the power of language for creating, maintaining and changing human relationships.

Published: Jun 30, 2016


Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements Jonathan J. Webster
Editor's Preface Jonathan J. Webster
I Language in the Context of Life in Society
Editor's Introduction Jonathan J. Webster
1. Language and society in a systemic functional perspective [2005] Ruqaiya Hasan†
2. Meaning, context and text - fifty years after Malinowski [1982] Ruqaiya Hasan
3. What's going on?: a dynamic view of context in language [1981] Ruqaiya Hasan
4. Wherefore context?: the ontogenesis of context in the system and process of language [2001] Ruqaiya Hasan
II Towards a System Based Account of Context
Editor's Introduction Jonathan J. Webster
5. The conception of context in text [1995] Ruqaiya Hasan
6. Speaking with reference to context [1999] Ruqaiya Hasan
7. The place of context in a systemic functional model [2008] Ruqaiya Hasan†
8. Towards a paradigmatic description of context: systems, metafunctions and semantics [2014] Ruqaiya Hasan†
End Matter
References Jonathan J. Webster
Index Jonathan J. Webster

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Readers familiar with systemic functional linguistics, discourse studies, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, language teaching, ethnomethodological and psychological studies will find this collection a salient and extraordinary contribution to these fields, as the volume targets ‘context of situation’, an essential element of the vocabulary of any linguistic theory, a narrow yet profound domain of investigation.
It is an excellent textbook that can be used for self-study and as a course book in linguistic classes. As such, the book receives my strongest recommendation.
Discourse Studies