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Process Types and Participant Roles in the English Clause

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Developed within the Cardiff Grammar, this book is concerned with the experiential strand of meaning – the function of language which conveys the speaker's view of the world – and provides a toolkit for linguists striving to access experiential meaning made in texts with the following components: a theoretical-descriptive tool in the form of an overview of approaches to the area of language that is TRANSITIVITY; a reference tool in the form of the analysis of over 5,000 verbs according to their Process types and Participant Roles configurations; and a methodological tool through an illumination into how such detailed analysis can be applied to a generative model of language.

The primary aim of the book is to demonstrate how it is possible to test the practical rigour of a linguistic theory by applying that theory to a broad spread of verb senses and the stages in modelling a central aspect of these verb senses in a generative model of English. This is achieved by presenting an overview of why one particular dialect of SF Linguistics – the Cardiff Grammar – warrants study and testing; describing the process of applying this model to the analysis of language; and describing the application of the theory by creating delicate system networks for the system of TRANSITIVITY.

Published: Oct 1, 2024