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Tend your Garden

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Tend Your Garden offers an original and adaptable classroom model, built on a foundation of educational research, for motivating young adolescent writers. The Young Adolescent Motivation Model of Writing (YAMM) places the young adolescent learner, aged 11-14, at its center, surrounded by the components needed to motivate the learner to high levels of academic composition or creative writing. The components of the model are: teaching to the whole child; developing a writing community; presenting motivating, high-interest lessons; integrating process writing across the curriculum; offering choice and critical thinking; building upon each writer’s strengths; and using authentic assessment. Each component is revealed within succeeding chapters that blend best practice pedagogy with related theory. Sample lessons that fit the needs and engagement levels of young adolescent writers are provided, representing a wide array of writing genres and content area subjects.

The YAMM model and the illustrative lessons build upon a background of motivation theory, authentic inquiry, and multi-modal responses. Literature, drama, music, drawing, and painting are offered both as invitations to writing and as responses to writing, and these are applied within a process-based, workshop format, with teacher modeling of each stage of the writing process. The approach recognizes motivation that is tied to the needs of young adolescent writers and that places responsibility on students in their development as writers and learners, while the teacher assumes a facilitative and supportive role of discovering the strengths, interests, and literacy needs of each student. The holistic, learner-centered process approach represented by the YAMM model nurtures students’ motivation for achieving success in writing because it necessitates evolving, facilitative roles for the teacher in a collaborative writing community decidedly focused on the success of all young adolescent writers. A primary purpose for writing the text is to identify and describe the characteristic needs of young adolescents, and what these needs imply for those student writers, to the key adults in their lives—teachers, school officials, and parents—who undoubtedly support these young people’s achievements.

The author selects and weaves thirty years of classroom teaching experiences into each chapter, highlighting memorable moments with her students and inserting her own reflections and inspirations of learning to write along with her students. Teachers who read Tend Your Garden are likely to find points of commonality with the author and enjoy reliving their own moments as teachers and as students, as they gain new insights about their students and about the approaches that are effective with young adolescent writers.

Published: Jan 1, 2012


Section Chapter Authors
Dedication Mary Anna Kruch
Forward by Kia Jane Richmond Mary Anna Kruch
Editor's Preface Martha C. Pennington
Preface Mary Anna Kruch
Introduction: How I Came to Tender My Garden Mary Anna Kruch
Nurturing the Whole Learner in an Inquiry-Rich Environment Mary Anna Kruch
Cultivating a Writing Community Mary Anna Kruch
Engaging Young Writers with Relevant, High-Interest Lessons Mary Anna Kruch
Growing Process Writing Linked to the Arts Mary Anna Kruch
Motivating Writing with Choice and Critical Thinking Mary Anna Kruch
Learner-Centered Writing in an e-Universe Mary Anna Kruch
Sowing the Seeds of Formative, Authentic Assessment Mary Anna Kruch
Maxim-izing Motivation via Teacher Imagination Mary Anna Kruch
References Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix A: Books with Strong, Positive, Global Characters Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix B: Suggested Resources for "War" Theme Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix C: ADVERB (gray) Activity Cards for "You Be the Sentence" Lesson Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix D: SUBJECT (pink) Activity Cards for "You Be the Sentence" Lesson Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix E: VERB (blue) Activity Cards for "You Be the Sentence" Lesson Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix F: ADJECTIVE (green) Activity Cards for "You Be the Sentence" Lesson Mary Anna Kruch
Appendix G: PHRASE (red) Activity Cards for "You Be the Sentence" Lesson Mary Anna Kruch
Author Index Mary Anna Kruch
Subject Index Mary Anna Kruch

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'In Tend Your Garden: Nurturing Motivation in Young Adolescent Writers, Mary Anna Kruch offers “specific ways to motivate young adolescents to write in and out of the classroom…ground[ed] in constructivist and sociocultural theory, as well as holistic education and motivational theory...." Kruch views young adolescent writers as active, thoughtful makers of meaning, and invites their teachers to consider themselves as co-learners with their students. The author of Tend Your Garden shares instructional techniques, lesson plan templates, and examples of writing that will help instructors to meet these goals.... Kruch’s textbook includes personal anecdotes about her thirty-year career as a middle school instructor and well-tested strategies that motivate young adolescents and invite them into the study of writing as a process. Kruch’s references to tenets from the National Writing Project as well as those by the National Council of Teachers of English successfully contextualize her arguments about writing instruction and help readers to value their own experiences as writers while considering current academic conversations about how writing should be taught…. My hope is that through reading this textbook, English educators and future writing teachers will become more invested in creating lessons that reinforce the joy of teaching young adolescent writers as critical thinkers, creative beings, and active citizens of the global community.'
From the Forward by Kia Jane Richmond, Associate Professor of English, Secondary Education, Northern Michigan University