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Food in Ancient Egypt

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The book introduces Ancient Egypt with a brief historical background, also highlighting the later Roman, Coptic and Arabic Periods. This is followed by a survey of the Egyptian landscape, geography, flora and fauna – which provided the food sources essential for the Egyptian diet. In reconstructing Egyptian diet and cuisine the book draws on evidence from the archaeological record such as mummies, desiccated food remains from burial chambers, scenes and paintings of funerals, festivals and offerings, and a range of informative artefacts such as banqueting dishes and models of houses showing butchering, bread-making and beer-making activities. Although no recipe books survive from ancient Egypt, a number of textual sources useful for reconstructing ancient Egyptian cuisine do exist, particularly in the medical, religious and ritual writings. Another source is texts from Egypt’s neighbours and from the later Roman Period, that claim to have their origin in ancient Egypt. Social aspects of ancient Egyptian food and cuisine will also be looked at, such as gender roles, staple foods, festival foods, and luxury foods favoured by the elite and royalty. For the latter, as will be seen, eating was something of a fine art with its own associated etiquette, manners and refined sensibilities. The final section of the book will include a variety of recipes for various dishes that would have been eaten in ancient Egypt. This book will be the first of its kind and aims to appeal both to Egyptologists and archaeologists, as well as to food lovers.

Published: Sep 1, 2019