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Teamwork and Team Talk

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Decision-making in institutional/professional settings has remained an established theme for social science and communication researchers. In contemporary western societies, the conditions of decision making are rapidly changing with the foregrounding of division of professional labour and distributed expertise against the backdrop of a client-centred ideology that legitimises shared decision-making. Increasingly, in health and social care settings, key decisions concerning clients are arrived at in team meetings, which have consequences both for the decisional processes and outcomes. This edited volume for the first time brings together a number of empirically grounded studies focusing on how team talk is functional to decision-making (in terms of problem formulation, generation of options, assessment of solutions etc.), with tensions, at the interactional level, between institutional and professional ways of categorising people, events and evidence.

Published: Sep 1, 2025

Book Contributors


Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Srikant Sarangi, Per Linell
Chapter 1
Identity talk in statutory children's services Karen Broadhurst, Teresa DeVilliers , Andrew Pithouse , Sue White
Chapter 2
Tensions between institutional and professional frames in gerontological social work Elisabet Cedersund, Anna Olaison, Susanne Kvarnstrom
Chapter 3
Division of expert labour in negotiating evidence in multi-disciplinary gastrointestinal team meetings Kristina Groth, Srikant Sarangi, Bengt Isaksson
Chapter 4
Teamness in the emergency department: negotiating the continuity of clinical tasks and care responsibilities Rick Iedema, Eamon Merrick
Chapter 5
Multi-professional decision making: the empirical respecification of thought experiments K. Neil Jenkings
Chapter 6
Reaching a shared understanding in a multi-professional pain rehabilitation team Charlotte Lundgren
Chapter 7
Collaborative problem solving in thoracic medicine Per Maseide
Chapter 8
Narrative activity within the boundaries of an institutional framework: formulating problems in psycho-social rehabilitation Chiara Piccini, Antonella Carassa
Chapter 9
A collective clinical gaze: negotiating decisions in a surgical ward Gro Underland, Aksel Tjora
Chapter 10
Shared expertise in negotiating future actions in the genetics case conference Olga Zayts, Stephanie Schnurr, Srikant Sarangi

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