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Systemic Phonology

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This is the first volume in more than twenty years dedicated solely to Systemic Phonology. It presents twelve original contributions by leading scholars and contains both theoretical and applied studies. The collection includes analyses of a wide range of texts including news readings, literary classics, classroom discourse, and sung texts. Amongst the theoretical contributions is a chapter which outlines the generative model of intonation and punctuation of the Cardiff School of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The volume closes with an interactive chapter where readers can listen to, read, and obtain a first-hand guided experience of analysing texts using the Systemic model of intonation. Systemic Phonology: Recent Studies in English is of value to scholars and students of phonology, phonetics, music studies, semiotics, and media studies, particularly within the Systemic Functional tradition. This volume is also of interest to any researchers analysing meaning in relation to sound and music.

Published: Sep 1, 2014

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Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements Wendy Bowcher
Introduction Wendy Bowcher, Bradley A. Smith
Part A: Intonation: Construing the textual metafunction
Chapter 1: An investigation of how intonation helps signal information structure Gerard O'Grady
Chapter 2: Creating a parallel universe: Mode and the textual metafunction in the study of one news story Annabelle Lukin
Chapter 3: Intonation: Signal of information peaks Shan Zhu
Chapter 4: A multi-stratal approach to paragraph-like organization in lectures Kazuyoshi Iwamoto
Part B: The interface between written and spoken language
Chapter 5: The black hole in graphology Martin Davies
Chapter 6: The spoken interpretation of written text Michael Cummings
Part C: The interface between music and language
Chapter 7: A note for -ed: Comments on the treatment of -ed in Handel’s Messiah David Banks
Chapter 8: A comparative analysis of the rap and the sung voice: Perspectives from systemic phonology, social semiotics and music studies David Caldwell
Part D: Modelling intonation
Chapter 9: Towards a systemic presentation of the word phonology of English Paul Tench
Chapter 10: Digital phonology: Systemic perspectives Bradley A. Smith, Stefano Fasciani, Kay O'Halloran
Chapter 11: The meanings and forms of intonation and punctuation in English: The concepts required for an explicit model Robin Fawcett
Part E: Interacting with systemic phonology
Chapter 12: Locating the limerick ‘Wall Street Irene’ and the sonnet ‘On his blindness’ in the semiotic space between the body as signal generator/receiver and the body as social interactant William Greaves
End Matter
Author Index Wendy Bowcher
Subject Index Wendy Bowcher

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